Montreal's Best Crêpe

The Great Crêpe Hunt!

The Great Crêpe Hunt

The Crepe-Hunter

I am on a hunt to try and find the best crêpes in Montreal. I am not a crêpe expert by any means, and I couldn't talk about traditional crêpe form, but I've taste-tested a lot of baking in my life *and* I really like crêpes! I'm just judging these crêpes on my own taste buds and preferences.

To keep things fair, I'm going to try and eat the same type of crêpes at each crêperie. Either a chocolate-raspberry dessert crêpe, or a vegetarian crêpe (which seems to be usually spinach, mushrooms and cheese). If I have a really good crêpe of one type, then I'll try the other type there too, and thus will hopefully deduce the best Montreal crêperie!